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Jan. 1 Jan. 8 Jan. 15 Jan. 22 Jan. 29
Small Insects Invading Homes To Get Warm College Scientists Help Increase Peanut Exports Turning Muscadine Seeds Into A Useful Product College Research Could Benefit Florists And Farmers Cattlemen Could Face A Serious Problem
Recycle Live Christmas Trees After Holidays University Research Helping Determine Timber Harvest Effects On Wetlands Cold Weather Could Still Damage Georgia's Blueberry Crop Programmable Thermostats Could Help Cut Heating Expenses Low Calorie Treats Available For Valentine Sweet hearts
Some Children Can Get Too Many Vitamins College Scientists Working To Find Specific Water Needs Of Cotton Georgia's Pork Industry Continues To Struggle 2000 A Better Year For The Nation's Pork Industry Many People Carrying Heavy Credit Card Debt
Peanut Variety From Bolivia Could Help Georgia Peanut Farmers Farm Outlook Not As Bleak For 2001 New Food Pyramid Could Help Those Trying To Lose Weight Driving Vehicles Over Brown, Dormant Lawns Could Damage The Grass Good Bargains Continue At Grocery Stores For Shoppers
Little Known Program Could provide Property Tax Relief Diazinon Being Phased Out Cold Weather Not Chilling Many Insect Pests Cold Winter Dangerous For The Elderly Tax Relief Possible For Farmers And Forest Land Owners


Feb. 5 Feb. 12 Feb. 19 Feb. 26
Stubborn Drought Refuses To Break University Scientists Develop New Snack Food Hated Cockroach Gets High Tech Makeover Tiny Creatures Gobble Up Trash And Other Waste Products
High Cost Loans Could Damage Your Financial Health Time Fast Approaching For Planting Irish Potatoes In Gardens Mad Cow Disease Once Again Causing Concerns Low Market Prices Forecast For Cotton Through Spring
College Scientist Working To Reduce Odor Problems At Poultry Rendering Plants New Insect Control Methods Being Developed For Strawberries Positive Developments Continue On A Killer Extending The Life Of Fresh Cut Roses
Food Waste Could Soon Help The Environment DNA Helping College Scientists Identify Young Pecan Varieties Greenhouse Growers Will Use Less Water In The Future Blossom-End Rot Gives Home Gardens An Ugly Appearance
Natural Control Of Pine Seedling Diseases Pruning Evergreen Shrubs During February Deadly Soybean Disease Being Brought Under Control Plenty Of Pollen Forecast For Late Winter And Early Spring


March 5 March 12 March 19 March 26
Time Running Out For Georgia To Receive Winter Rains Some Georgia Farmers Don't Mind Having Their Irrigation System Monitored Georgia's 2001 Peach Crop Could Be The Best In Several Years Early Spring Controlled Burns In Forest Land
College Scientists Discover Another Advantage Of Clam-Style Indoor Electric Grills College Scientists Work With Tissue Culture System To Make Gains On Birth Defects Drought Continues In Georgia Despite Recent Rains Foot And Mouth Disease Shows No Signs Of Entering The U.S.
The Importance Of Not Planting Early Corn Too Ealry Beneficial Bacteria May Soon Greatly Reduce A Serious Foodborne Illness Farmers Face Higher Prices For Nitrogen Fertilizer Products Georgia Corn Farmers Optimistic About 2001 Crop
College Scientists Working To Get The Upper Hand On Fungi Sweet Potato To Undergo More Changes Irrigated Acreage In Georgia Shows Slight Increase Rains Could Lead to More Weed Problems In Corn Fields
Historic Event Could Occur Involving Certain Commodity Prices The Importance Of Fertilizing Pecan Trees Some Melons You Purchase And Eat Are Really Cantaloupes New Recommendations For Vitamins A And K


April 2 April 9 April 16 April 23 April 30
A Stinky Problem Could Soon Help Cotton Farmers University Scientist Helps Bug Collectors Concerned About An IRS Audit Consumer Agent Helps Improve Health Of People In Hancock County Time Closing In To Plant Georgia's 2001 Peanut Crop Big, Sweet Vidalia Onions May Be Hard To Find In Grocery Stores
A Colorful Landscape Is Possible During A Drought March Rains Create Ideal Conditions For Increase In Mosquito Population Sweeten Spring Garden With Certain Fruits Stronger Bones In Chickens Growing Plants And Shrubs Resistant To Insect Pests
A Unique Facility Helping Solve Aflatoxin Mysteries DNA Technology Helps College Scientists Solve Mysteries About Termites College Scientists Developing New Sugar Product Farmers Seeking To Trim Fertilizer Expenses Marketing Stored Cotton From 2000
Wet Fields Causing Corn Planting Delays Effective Fire Ant Control Means Knowing What They Like To Eat Cotton Farmers Must Be Cost Conscience In 2001 College Scientists Working To Improve The Taste Of Fresh Tomatoes New Research About Blood Pressure Numbers
Uncertain Times Ahead For Tobacco Farmers Spring The Season For Termites To Swarm March Rains Helped But Georgia Needs Much More Georgia Blueberries Hang Tough During Mid-April Cold Snap New Herbicide Labeled For Peanut Weed Control


May 7 May 14 May 21 May 28
Grocery Shoppers Could Send Message That Would Help Georgia Farmers North Georgia Cattleman A Friend Of Environmentalists Unusual Training Area Helps Improve Knowledge On Termite Control South Georgia Farmer Struggles To Hang On To His Farm
New Disease Could Threaten Day Lilies In Georgia Corn Plants Already Getting Thirsty West Nile Virus Could Affect Georgia Georgia's Drought Predicted To Worsen This Summer
Weed Control Important In Early Corn Home Irrigation Systems Need A Spring Checkup Mummy Berry Disease Attacking Blueberries In Georgia Farmers Should Expect Changes In The Peanut Program
Saving Money On Prescription Drugs It's Not Too Late To Plant Your Spring Garden College Scientists Working To Improve Air Quality Prospects Dim For Higher Grain Market Prices
Zinc And Iron Important For Our Bodies 2001 Tobacco Crop Doing Well Despite Dry Conditions Dry Weather Causing Peanut Planting Delays Middle Georgia Farmers Hope To Make Money With Goats


June 4 June 11 June 18 June 25
Ordinary Looking People Have Trained Taste Buds Carpenter Bees Attacking Old Barns And Houses In Georgia Those Long Fingernails Could Make People Sick Too Much Fruit Juice Not Good For Children
Helping Birds Keep Their Cool In Poultry Facilities This Summer College Research Helps Packing Houses Clean Up Peaches Harmless Flies Could Help Solve A Growing Problem College Scientists Working To Solve Hard Pan Problems In Fields
Tobacco Farmers Could Face More Changes Ultra Sound Could Help The Cattlle Industry A New Disease Could Threaten Georgia's Peach Industry College Scientists Working To Reduce Problems With Pecan Weevils
Working With Schools To Reduce Pesticide Risks College Scientists Studying Impact Of Chemicals From Lawns That Run Off Into Rivers And Streams Tropical Storm Allison Gives State A Helping Hand Good News For Those Who Love To Eat Watermelons
Reducing The Risks Of Food Borne Illnesses In Garden Vegetables Onions Labeled Vidalia Grown Only In Georgia College Scientists Working To Develop A New Refrigerator New Law Will Better Protect Children Riding In Vehicles


July 2 July 9 July 16 July 23 July 30
Buying Fresh Ripe Tomatoes At The Produce Counter Cloning Comes To The University Of Georgia Decrease In Wild Quail Numbers Hurts Georgia's Economy Growing Paulownia Trees A Financial Risk Georgia Landowners Worried About Southern Pine Beetle Invasion
Georgia's 2001 Peanut Crop Looking Good College Scientists Working To Reduce Mycotoxin Problems Frequent Showers And High Humidity Increases Disease Threat In Peanut Fields Fire Ants A Threat To Damage Farm Equipment Tobacco Farmers Wonder If They Will See Profitable Prices At Markets This Year
Farm Equipment Can Be Deadly For Children Lactose Intolerance Can Make You Feel Bad Small Creatures That Sucks YOur Blood Could Also Make You Sick Think Carefully Before Spending That Income Tax Rebate Check Late Season Concerns About Georgia's 2001 Corn Crop
Cotton Farmers Get Insecticide Help Fighting Insect Pests College Scientists Working To Learn More About Another Food-Borne Pathogen Home Canning Equipment Increasing In Popularity Georgia Could Be Facing Another Agricultural Drought Georgia's 2001 Cotton Crop Looking Good As It Headss Into The Home Stretch
Think Quality When Choosing Child Care For Children Certain Soils Can Become Water Repellent Seeds From Vegetables Purchased At The Grocery Store Could Help Save Money On Your Garden Next Year College Scientists Working To Solve Zinc Deficiency Problems In Pecan Trees College Scientists Working With Oil From Seeds To Maker Less Toxic Cleaning Products


August 6 August 13 August 20 August 27
New Testing Procedure Could Help Save The Lives Of Cattle Getting Fruit Trees Ready For Next Year In 2001 Simple Device Being Tested Could Save Farmers Big Bucks Proposals In The New Farm Bill For Cotton
Too Much Rain Causes Problems For Georgia Peach Growers Rains From Tropical Storm Barry Helps Georgia Crops The Importance Of Having Peanut Digging Equipment Ready For Action Foliage Plants Can Add Color To Your Home
New Corn Hy brids Developed By College Scientists Could Help Georgia's Agriculture Economy College Scientists Working With New Technology To Help Improve Irrigation Efficiency Making Plans For Retirement Before The Big Day Arrives New Study Reveals How To Reduce The Chances Of Getting Diabetes
The Importance Of Minerals In Our Diet College Scientists Working To Solve A Mysterious Disease In Pecan Trees New Technology Helps Identify Toxic Mushrooms In Georgia Much Quicker New Study Reveals Which Months School Homicides Are More Likely To Occur
College Research Could Reduce Problems With Seed Borne Diseases Make Sure Corn Combines Are Ready For Action This Year Tobacco Warehouses Not As Busy In Georgia This Year Snakes Are Helpful To Georgia's Environment


Sept. 3 Sept. 10 Sept. 17 Sept. 24
Southwest Georgia Cattleman Lets Cows Eat From An Unusual Feed Source Peanut Combines Need A Complete Checkup Before Harvest The University Of Georgia Has A Sweet Professor Tiny Label On Loaf Of Bread Has Important Information
Precision Farming Techniques Being Tested in Peanut Fields College Scientist Develops New Grass From An Unusual Location Decreasing The Fat Content In Chickens Recent Terrorist Attacks Have People Worried About Their Money
Report Updates Status Of Men's Health in Georgia High Blood Pressure Still A Serious Problem For Many People Nut Grass Weed Problems In Landscape Gardens 2001 Georgia Pecan Crop Looks Good
College Research Shows The Importance Of Harvesting Cotton On Time Drought Conditions Continue To Persist In Georgia New School Year Brings More Problems With Head Lice Corn Market Prices Could Make A Slight Turn Upward
New Electronic Transfer Account Could Help Consumers Digging And Harvesting Season Closing In For Peanut Farmers Stinging Encounters With Yellow Jackets Increase During Early Fall Answering Tough Questions Children Ask About The Terrorist Attacks


Oct. 1 Oct. 8 Oct. 15 Oct. 22 Oct. 29
University Of Georgia Scientists Become Pollution Detectives 4-H Helps South Georgia Boy Turn His Life Around Using Plastic Mulch In A Vegetable Garden Peanut Farmers Not Harvesting Big Checks This Year College Scientists Studying How Chemicals Impact Beneficial Insects
Children Feel Increased Stress When Their Parents Go Through A Divorce Disturbing Health News For People In The South People With Diabetes Should Get Flu Shots Before The Flu Season Arrives Certain Medications Increase The Risk For A Crippling Bone Disease Conservation Use Valuation Program Contracts Signed In The Early Nineties May Soon Expire
Successsful Gardens Can Be Grown During The Fall And Winter Planting Pine Seedlings During The Fall Keep Your Children Safe And Secure This Halloween How To Improve Next Year's Home Garden Stored Pollen Could Improve Pecan Breeding
Cotton Farmers Will Have A Hard Time Making A Profit In 2001 Seroius Consequences Caused By High-School Dating Violence Season For Controlled Burns In Timber Stands Not Far Off College Research Will Help Vidalia Onions Stay Sweet With Consumers Protecting Homes From A Silent Killer
Giving The Gift Of Life Georgia's Drought Should Continue Through Fall College Scientists Conducting Research In A River Watershed To Solve Pollution Problems College Scientists Develop Program To Help Farmers Keep Track Of Their Farm Expenses Stinky Product Could Soon Help The Environment


Nov. 5 Nov. 12 Nov. 19 Nov. 26
Secondhand Smoke From Tobacco Products Could Be Harmful To Your Children College Scientists Improving Technique To Control Food-Borne Pathogens On Lettuce Farmers Smiling And Frowning About Georgia's 2001 Cotton Crop Make Sure You Burn Fire Wood That Has Properly Seasoned
College Scientists Working To Solve Aquatic Weed Problems In Waterways Shoppers Purchasing Pecans Should Find prices Similar To Last Year Colorful Poinsettia Plants Showing Up In Florist Shops College Scientists Make Discovery That Could Lead To Fire Ant Control
College Scientists Seek To Learn More About The Death Of Cells When Giving To Charities, Don't Become A Victim Of Con Artists Farmers Unlikely To See New Farm Bill By The End Of The Year What To Do If You Are In Danger Of Losing Your Job
Helping Your Community Look Green And Clean Georgia's Drought Comes Back Strong During The Fall College Scientists Working to Learn The Benefits of Essential Nutrients In Foods Beef Market Prices Should Remain Strong
What Fire Ants Love To Eat When They Crash Your Picnic Do You Know Where Your Important Papers Are Stored Unwelcomed Guests Moving Into Homes For The Winter Diabetics Need to Take Care Of Their Feet


Dec. 3 Dec. 10 Dec. 17 Dec. 24 Dec. 31
You May Have A High-Normal Blood Pressure Reading Preparing Irrigation Systems For Cold Weather Persistant Heartburn May Be A Sign Of More Serious Problem Recent Symposium Covers Important Agriculture Issues Facing Georgia Shifting Markets Could Cause Problems For Cotton Farmers In The Future
Lower Unemployment During the Holidays Does Not Signal An End To Economic Problems

Holiday Season Not Jolly And Happy For Everyone

Many People Face Holiday Credit Card Debt In January Many People Look to Start New Year With Clean Slate Home Schooling And 4-H Form Winning Team In South Georgia County
Gift Ideas For The Family Gardener Many People Will Have Problems When They Get Home With Their Live Christmas Tree Warm December Has Georgia Peach Crop Behind On Chill Hours Wheat Market Prices Could Make Small Move Up In 2002 Live Christmas Trees Can Help The Environment After The Holidays
College Scientists Use An Air Conditioner When Curing Tobacco Georgia Suffers Through Record Dry Fall Georgia Counties Begin Program To Clean Up Old Pesticides And Containers College Scientists Help Christmas Tree Growers Cut Away Serious Insect Problem 4-H'ers Learn About The Importance Of the Timber Industry To Georgia
College Scientists Develop Road Map Of Peanut Plant Dry Weather Causes Delays Planting Small Grains Eating Healthy During The Holidays Muscadine Grape Producers Also Struggling To Make A Profit Kenaf Could Return And Help Georgia Farmers


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